Innovative & Elegant Event Design, Planning & Implementation From the Heart of Humboldt County

FESTIVALS~FUNDRAISERS~FASHION SHOWS~DINNER CABARETS Burningleaf Productions is a Humboldt County-based event planning and production company that creates innovative and unique community celebrations, parties, fundraisers and festivals from conception to celebration. Dedicated to discovering the right style of event to meet our clients needs, we bring to fruition a combined vision with creative flair, dynamic style and production expertise. From fashion shows, dinner theatre and circus cabarets to full production performances, burlesque shows and festivals, we specialize in taking the party to the next level with purpose and intention.   Whether you are looking to style a major fundraiser, throw a club event, host a petite party or operate a full production show, our team is ready to assist. From concept to creativity, theme design to decadent decor, our events are stunning successes every time.



Burningleaf came to life in 1996 with the threat of the ancient redwoods being logged close to extinction. As a young forest activist fresh to the West Coast “ Burningleaf ” aka Jenny Metz met this tragedy with action. Along with spending almost three years working with Earth First talking to local loggers, fighting against the corporate giants and organizing intense Direct Actions, a pro-active seed in event organization and production was planted. From falling in love with the music around campfires, the artistic design of protest posters and going on tour with musical activists the beginning of the party planning began. 20 years later, through much experience and focus, Burningleaf Productions has matured into a full production, event planning business, while still holding the same heart and soul of the young activist who was out to save the world. Burningleaf now produces what many call, some of the most exhilarating and profitable fundraising events in Humboldt County.