We have had the pleasure of working with Burningleaf Productions for several years and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come. Jenny and her crew not only bring creativity, love and experience to the table, but also provide a unique understanding of how events can enhance and bring together community. From production, management, and organization to ambiance, performances and non-profit inclusion, Burningleaf Productions has demonstrated that they are one of Northern California’s top tier event companies capable of turning your idea for a party or fundraiser into a world class and community-driven showcase.



“Our work with Jenny Metz and her team at Burning Leaf productions aimed to create one of two annual benefits that would show continuous growth and contribute annually to our budget. We were thrilled when Jenny and her team agreed to take the project. The production, the details, the person to person attention was beyond our expectations. Our experience was a dream and in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal, exceptional!
What we appreciated most about working with Jenny and her team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.”

– Jeanette Todd

Station Manager, Redwood Community Radio-KMUD.

Working with Jennifer Metz and Burningleaf Productions is not only a pleasurable and fun experience but it’s also inspiring. Jennifer and her team create unforgetable events made for all five of your senses. She helps bring the communtiy together and keeps us involed and evolving. Seeing the production from both behind the scenes and as a guest her creativity is innovative and fresh!

– Kacy Curtis

Forget-Me-Not Photo Booth

“Jenny is a delight and inspiration to work with. She has been producing amazing well planned and attended fundraising events for the Southern Humboldt Community Park every year since 2009. Her imagination and dedication has turned our event into a much anticipated community tradition. Her passion and hard work for this community is legendary! Jenny’s event concepts are cutting edge and she has a real talent for visualizing and decorating the space that makes her events so much fun to attend. She knows every working aspect of the events she has created, brings a solid crew as well as the entertainment she pulls together is top-notch. I have learned through my experience to trust her judgement implicitly. ”

– Kathryn Lobato

Director at Southern Humboldt Community Park

“Jenny Metz and Burningleaf Productions never fail to deliver an amazing, complete experience. As a patron at many of their events, I have always been floored by the thought that goes into every detail. I also gravitate towards working as a volunteer because I know that the experience will be rewarding, creative, and organized. Burningleaf creates truly beautiful, well throughout, spectacular events!”

– Niki Rose

Guest and Volunteer